Every question about our product that you could ever think of...  

Email us if you have additional questions:  info@babysfirst12.com

What material are the onesies?

All onesies are 100% cotton.

What if I don't know the sex of the baby?

No problem!  We can do your set in any neutral color (grey, green or yellow) for the same price as a boy or girl ($95.00), just let us know what you want! 

What sizes are the onesies?

Sets can be adjusted per your request, just let us know!  The standard set will fit for most babies.

Standard set sizes:   (Baby Age: Onesie size)

  • Month 1 : Newborn
  • Month 2 & 3: 3 month
  • Months 4 - 6: 6 month
  • Months 7 - 9: 9 month
  • Months 10 - 12: 12 month

What can I customize on the Custom sets of onesies?

If you have a theme that you want for your onesies, we can help come up with a design for your set .  For instance if you want a tennis theme we can add a tennis ball and racquet to your monthly onesies. If you want an art theme, we can add a design with an easel and paintbrush, etc.  Just email us at info@babysfirst12.com.

What if I want to ship a set as a gift?

No problem!  Add your recipient's address as the shipping address. We can also include a card with a note, just leave the desired text in the notes section when checking out. 

If I don't want a full set, can I buy a single personalized onesie to celebrate an occasion not listed on your product page?

Absolutely!  We can print almost anything you want, such as "happy birthday mommy!"  "My 1st Christmas!", "Welcome home, daddy!",...  Just email us at info@babysfirst12.com

Will you do a set for Triplets?

Woooah- sounds like you will have more on your plate than most!  We can absolutely do a set for triplets! email us at: info@babysfirst12.com for pricing information.

Why are the babies on your website so damn cute?

That's how we roll at babysfirst12.

What is your return policy?

If you feel there is an issue with your set of onesies, please email us at: info@babysfirst12.com and we will address your concerns.  Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 priority!